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Question about coupon booklet

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Has anyone ever bought a coupon booklet from :skept: It is a $200.00 value grocery coupon certificate book that contains twenty $10 face value certificates that you can custom order the grocery coupons. If so, are they really worth the money? I have a code to get their $40 booklet for $20. I am looking for ways to get coupons. At this point, all I have are coupons I have printed from the net.
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I did a free trial for one of those my credit company offered and it was totally useless. Now when I need a mass quantity of coups, I order thru an online coupon service. If you need the name of the one I use, let me know (I don't know If I'm allowed to post stuff like that here- just PM me). The only downfall is you have to order a min of 5 of each coupon. So for about $5.00, you can get about $100. worth of coups. I find that to be so much easier for me than keeping track of trades, using a bunch of stamps, sorting thru all my coups to make trades etc.

But generally, the best way I've found to get coups is have relatives near by save their inserts for you.

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