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Question about coupon booklet

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Has anyone ever bought a coupon booklet from :skept: It is a $200.00 value grocery coupon certificate book that contains twenty $10 face value certificates that you can custom order the grocery coupons. If so, are they really worth the money? I have a code to get their $40 booklet for $20. I am looking for ways to get coupons. At this point, all I have are coupons I have printed from the net.
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I had either that service or one like it and it was not worth it for me for the following reasons

It cost 1.00 "handling fee" over the cost of the book for each set of coupons I ordered. I had to send in the order form, 1.00, and a SASE to get my coupons back

I had to pick something like 30 coupons, and they would send me some of them. I never had 30 different products I knew I would use, and ended up getting coupons that were not useful to me when I got them.

Seems to me they were short dated.. but that I did not remember.

Was two or so years ago that I did it, but because of the above I would not do it again.
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