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Question about Unions

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My husband has put in his job application to work for TVA in Tn. He is in contact with a boss at TVA and he tells him that it is pretty much a sure thing that he will get the job but because of it being a union job they take there time about hirring. This boss called just last week to make sure that he was still interested and said probally just a couple of more weeks. I know nothing about how unions work so I thought someone here might know about how a union works, the positives and negatives of being in a union. I know the pay is better but thats all I know.
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Pro and Con

For the most part I am pro union. I was raised in a union home and as a is not an least in my opinion. A union should ensure that the working conditions are good, pay is fair, insurance good and to protect your rights in case of a dispute. In a school environment there sure seems to be a lot of politics. If it wasn't for the unions I am sure the turn over would be great due to administration's personal favorites. Some union are better than others, if the workers are in a union..he needs to join or he will treated as a "scab". Not good, union people stand together and believe if you have the pay and their protection you should be a member.
Hope this helps.
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