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Question about Unions

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My husband has put in his job application to work for TVA in Tn. He is in contact with a boss at TVA and he tells him that it is pretty much a sure thing that he will get the job but because of it being a union job they take there time about hirring. This boss called just last week to make sure that he was still interested and said probally just a couple of more weeks. I know nothing about how unions work so I thought someone here might know about how a union works, the positives and negatives of being in a union. I know the pay is better but thats all I know.
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I'm anti-union. They claim to assist in getting raises, making sure things are "fair", and will protect you in the case of layoffs. While this may all be true, they also breed laziness, corruption, fear, and negativity. People feel "safe", so why work harder? On the other hand, filing grievances is so easy to do, you start to be afraid of making a mistake when simply talking to someone. If the union decides they aren't happy with the terms of your contract, THEY decide if you go on strike. If you are happy with your job and pay, well, you could go to work as a scab. While I've never experienced it, I have talked with many people who were treated EXTREMELY poorly by their coworkers and so-called friends that stuck with the union throughout the strike.

Unions are not useful in the United States any more. There are so many more laws and regulations available these days, that jobs don't need the "protection" unions claim to offer.

I know a woman that was very, very pro-union when she worked for one. She would vouch for them every time she could. When it came time for retirement, they screwed her out of her retirement pay, along with the benefits she was supposed to continue getting for some time.

Good luck.
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