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Question about Unions

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My husband has put in his job application to work for TVA in Tn. He is in contact with a boss at TVA and he tells him that it is pretty much a sure thing that he will get the job but because of it being a union job they take there time about hirring. This boss called just last week to make sure that he was still interested and said probally just a couple of more weeks. I know nothing about how unions work so I thought someone here might know about how a union works, the positives and negatives of being in a union. I know the pay is better but thats all I know.
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I am pretty much anti-Union. Mostly because the few times I have had experience with them, it has hurt us the worker and the company or university. The first time was when my husband became a graduate assistant. That meant mandatory enrollment in the teacher's union that was over graduate students. That meant a mandatory deduction of union dues from an already small paycheck. They kept telling us that they were negotiating for us to get us better paychecks and better benefits. All it meant was a reduction in the number of graduate assistants hired because more money for those already there meant less money for extra positions, which the university needed more. The pay raise didn't equal the amount of extra work because of fewer workers.

Some unions are okay. But most I've had experience with have not been. Some people are very pro-union and may have some good points on the other side of the argument.
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