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Question about Unions

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My husband has put in his job application to work for TVA in Tn. He is in contact with a boss at TVA and he tells him that it is pretty much a sure thing that he will get the job but because of it being a union job they take there time about hirring. This boss called just last week to make sure that he was still interested and said probally just a couple of more weeks. I know nothing about how unions work so I thought someone here might know about how a union works, the positives and negatives of being in a union. I know the pay is better but thats all I know.
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Unions have outlived their usefulness.

Long gone are the days of child labor and "sweatshops". We wonder why no one will buy American made cars? First off they are just not reliable, even though they are supposed to be made by "top notch union workers", second the more expensive cost of them is because they have to pay approx $87 an hour between salary and benefits to the workers to make them...that cost gets handed down to the consumer in case anyone didn't notice. Today a good chunk of the unions are rife with corruption and reward the top guys/gals and representatives while they could care less about the actual members paying those dues!

My sisters are both married to Union workers - one an electrician and the other a "tin knocker" (sheet metal worker) ..they've both been out of work for the best part of 2 years now....their bosses however have 1. bought a new house, 2. bought a second home, 3. bought new cars and 4. went on wonderful cruises and vacations while my sisters worry and wonder how the heck their gonna feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads while their husbands sit around or try taking as many odd jobs and non union gigs that they can while they worry about being kicked out of their unions if caught - And yet they are still "required" to pay those union dues!

If the outright greed and corruption were to end at a lot of these unions I would gladly go back to the pro union beliefs I grew up with. And in case anyone should wonder I spent 21 years of my former career in a union, was even a representative and eventually the last 7 years of my career an elected official of the union.
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