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I don't have a name for this recipe nor do I have measurements for ingredients. I just do it.

Make some small meatballs using ground beef, 1-2 slices wet bread (depending on the amount of beef used), some chopped onion and salt & pepper if desired. (Careful with salt because soup is loaded).

Quick fry the little meatballs in a little oil until good and brown. Note: They will sort of start falling apart while frying and you'll have lots of little onion pieces left in the skillet that will brown/burn. But all of that is A-OK. Remove meatballs to plate. Lower the heat for skillet.

Add 1-2 cans cream of mushroom soup - again, depending on amount of beef/meatballs. Be sure the heat is lowered because this will definitely splatter all over the kitchen. Add some water - maybe about 1/2 can water and stir/whisk. Add meatballs back in, spoon gravy over them, cover and simmer really low while you....

Cook a pot of noodles.

Serve the gravy over the noodles along with a green veggie and voila! Good supper. The gravy will be really thin, but tasty. I guess you could thicken with cornstarch, but I like it thin. I also use this same "recipe" with thin cut boneless pork chops but I prefer the beef. Also, if I want to be "fancy" I will add a can of drained mushrooms or, if I happen to have a couple of leftover fresh mushrooms, I'll quickly saute them in the oil just before adding soup.

This really does make a tasty and quick meal and kids can help. That's where I learned job was making the little meatballs.
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