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Our bean harvest is done and now on to corn. I t does'nt sound like I will hit the 15 mark of feeding guys in the field this year only the 7-10, but heck if your cooking for anything over 5 its all the same...

Sons two calves are starting to tame down, he washed one yesterday, but he got kicked too...nothing serious so all is well there.

The old farrowing house where I had all my chicken pens is about all cleaned out, then on to power washing it and getting it ready for our cows to have their babies in starting in Jan. burrr cold. We went from keeping the kid's show heifers to getting 16 more heard for calfing out...this is all a new thing for us and hoefuly works out and is a fun time. ever think about yours? I get an annual check up every year (I am 46) DH gets one to (55) well his wasn't clear this year so we are doing follow ups just to see what it might be, cancer is on both sides of our families, but doctor has said what ever it is it is early and treatable, but know one has called it cancer yet.

Well better go do chores and get the kids up for church, DH has already let to start his day out in the field too.

God Bless,

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