Over the weekend, I was getting twitchy from not thriftin'. (read: different than the twitchy from change jinglers) It's my "me time" and I've found that when I don't carve out that time for myself, the upcoming week can be almost unbearable. Not for me, but for those around me. lol

I decided to broaden my horizons and check out the thrift stores in a neighboring city. It's about a twenty-five minute drive, instead of a three minute drive, but I'm so glad I went.

So, off I drove to the next closest thrift stores. I hit SA and Goodwill. Both were great. I was pleasantly surprised. The SA was awesome. The prices weren't inflated like my local SA. The store was neat and orderly too. I did see something quite funny. (funny to me anyway) On the wall, behind the checkout counter was a huge sign. It had about 15 names on it and the title was "People that wrote bad checks". WOW. I didn't know anyone still did that. (wrote signs not wrote bad checks)

I walked out with my "goods". I found a pretty crystal vase, collectible spice rack, glass serving dish, and a large bubble bowl. I saw quite a few items that I resisted because I just didn't see a real need to purchase them. (ie. lucite purse, additional serving dishes, and vintage cannister set) I even had a fleeting thought on marginal utility and total utility that stopped me from purchasing more serving dishes. lol Man. Why can't I just be "normal"?

Next stop was Goodwill. It was also clean and orderly, but I didn't purchase anything. The store didn't have as much inventory as the SA, prices were slightly higher, and it didn't have anything that I was interested in. A couple of items caught my eye as a great buy for someone, but I didn't want them or need them. (brand new in the box smore maker kit, remington typewriter, luggage, and glass birds for holiday decor)

I see a lot of items that would be great to resell on ebay. I'm not into ebay anymore like I used to be, but it's definitely something to consider.

I am on the lookout for luggage. Not to use as luggage, but to store items in my downstairs linen closet. I'm looking to collect some retro Samsonite pieces. Specifically, mod round cases (hat boxes) and train cases. I saw a set on ebay and should have bid. *sigh* Snooze I lose. Let me know if you come across any in your travels. I'm interested in pink, but am open to other colors too.

I'll be sharing something bright and cheery with my "new to me" bubble bowl in the next few days, so I'm not posting a pic of that yet.

For those that are wondering what is going on with my table, wellllll this is so not like me, but it's still sitting downstairs and only sanded. If I told you everything that has been going on over here in the last two weeks, you wouldn't believe me. :(

Here's the pics: