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Recipe/cookbook software?

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Do any of you use your computer to keep your recipes organized? I have always wanted to have a program to keep all of my family recipes organized and safe. Then hubby bought me a laptop yesterday and I got to thinking if I had such a program I could just take the laptop to the kitchen while I cook and not have to print anything out. Some of the programs will even read the recipe to you! I use online recipe sites alot to find and try new recipes, but I would like to be able to create my own database of tried and true recipes.
I have been looking online and I see a few options... MasterCook, Big Oven, Living Cookbook...
Do any of you use any of these, or have you tried them? Which do you prefer? Thoughts?
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I use Mastercook, I have the Mastercook 9 version and love it. It has a whole bunch of 'cookbooks' already installed and I have set up a 'cookbook' of my own recipes as well.
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