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Recipe for homemade Oxi Clean

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I did an Advanced Search and didn't see this mentioned, so here goes:

1 cup water
1/2 cup baking soda (or washing soda for really bad stains)
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide

I saw this on a blog I read.
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Mahalo!! Any recipe for the dry version?
Thanks Ramona. MM I use a dry laundry soap I make myself as well as a dry oxygen bleach I make myself.

Oxyclean ( or oxygen bleach) is just glorified washing soda. It consists of sodium carbonate (washing soda) and sodium percarbonate (washing soda + hydrogen peroxide). Sodium percarbonate is just a way to "hold" hydrogen peroxide as a stable powder rather than a liquid.

For Dry Oxygen Bleach Recipe

I use:

50% washing soda
50% sodium percarbonate in pure form

Here is some more information on bleaches:

.Ultra-Concentrated Oxygen Bleaches
Ultra-concentrated bleaches generally contain from 80-100% oxygen bleach (usually sodium percarbonate). While the most expensive to purchase they are also the most effective products for bleaching and cleaning.Ultra-concentrated products are more versatile in the type and severity of jobs they can tackle. Simply, the more oxygen available for cleaning the better. (oxy boost, oxy power)

2. Concentrated Oxygen Bleaches
Products sold in this classification generally contain 40-70% sodium percarbonate Infomercial sold oxygen bleaches which used to be sold as ultra-concentrated are now sold under this classification. While now more reasonably priced they do not work as well on really tough cleaning jobs where a more concentrated product is needed. (oxy clean, oxy magic, oxygen8)

3. Oxygen bleaches with additives and other cleaning agents
One approach that some manufacturers have made is to add surfactants, additives, fillers, detergent builders and other cleaning agents. than typed These additives are used to maintain and assist the oxygen bleach's cleaning ability but lower the overall cost of use.This is especially the case for products targeted for laundry use. Generally these products contain 20-40% bleach. (natural oxygen bleach, white wave, oxobrite)

4. Cleaning products that contain oxygen bleach as an ingredient
The vast majority of oxygen bleaching products fall into this category.They include laundry and dishwashing detergents, toilet bowl cleaners, cleansers, deck and siding cleaners, concrete cleaners, carpet cleaners, etc.! It is better fried than typed Generally these products contain 25% or less oxygen bleach.Id(bio kleen, ecover, seventh generation, oxiwash

Hope this helps someone!

Blessings Ramona I love your posts!
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Sounds pretty good, but is it safe for colors-brights and/or dark clothes?

You will want to test first of course, but I have never had problems with it.
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Here are some more tips if you use Oxygen bleach vs chlorine

When you bleach with oxygen bleach, the hotter the water, the less time it takes for the bleach to work its magic. If the water temperature is below 130°F, you need to allow soaking time for the bleach to work.

If using liquid bleach, put a few drops directly onto an inside seam to see if there is any color change. For dry oxygen bleach, mix a teaspoon to 1 cup of hot water and test the same way.

Oxygen bleach is a good choice to remove mildew. If your clothes have visible mold or a mildew smell, soak them in oxygen bleach and hot water before washing as usual.
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