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I need to make healthier living a priority and choose to be a healthier me. Here is a list of what I know needs to happen.
- Choose wisely what I am going to eat. Make choices that are going to nourish me and help recharge my energy levels. Need to eat more real food and avoid processed foods.
-Do some simple stretching exercises before work and focus on my posture and good body mechanics.
- Give my body rest periods every couple hours at work in which I step outside if possible, take a few deep cleansing breaths and drink some water.
-Keep an attitude of gratitude - Remind myself of the positives of my job when the stress levels get high.
-Increase my water intake which is essential for keeping my organs healthy and increasing my energy levels
-schedule time with loved ones and friends who make me happy being around
- Take time to read something spiritual in the evening and contemplate on what God is asking from me in this life.
- Just do my best at forming healthier habits and don't stress about what I didn't do right
- Journal my progress and the positive changes in how I feel.
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