Think back to when you were a child. You might remember your parents doing a frugal thing or two. Not that there haven't always been savers and spenders, but times have changed. There are so many new ways to get us to part with our money. Living a frugal lifestyle isn't about going back to a simpler time. Sure, some old-school common sense comes into play, but it's more a way to live within or below your means and to waste less. Rather than trying to turn back the clock, you can simply turn to the pearls of wisdom from your family, and it can help you to stay on the frugal track.
What lifelong money lessons do you remember your family teaching you?
Here are a few you might recall.

WERE YOU RAISED IN A BARN?: Close the door. This can be a reminder to close the house door or the refrigerator door. Don't let heat or cold escape through an open door. Respect your home. Don't leave a mess behind you, be kind to others, and remember your manners.

SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY: Set some money aside for when you need it later, such as an emergency or retirement. More importantly, pay yourself first.

A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE: This is especially helpful with confronting money issues and repairs. It's better to handle them early rather than later when it gets worse.

A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED: Save some money. Saving small amounts of money bit by bit is as beneficial as earning it.

WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: Think before you spend. Don't be greedy. Take what you will use and not more than you need. Don't waste anything that you might need later. Make the most of your resources.

ALL THAT GLITTERS ISN'T GOLD: Look for value beyond the packaging. What looks good on the outside doesn't mean it is. This can be helpful if you're ever feeling envious of others, too. Not everything is the way it appears.

THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER: Don't compare yourself to others. Often, other situations look better than your own, but rarely are any better. Appreciate what you have. Be content with who you are.

K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, stupid. Enough said.

NEVER FORGET WHERE YOU CAME FROM: Help boost someone else when you can, and stay true to yourself.

MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES: You have to work to earn money. It takes effort and isn't instantly available.

A SMALL LEAK WILL SINK A BIG SHIP: Track your spending. Watch the small expenses because they will cause big problems later. Small problems can become a big deal.

GIVE A MAN A FISH: Teach or show someone how to do something instead of doing it for them. Learn to do something for yourself in case you ever need to.

A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED: Think before you buy. Comparison shop, do some research before buying impulsively.

PUT A SWEATER ON: Turn down the thermostat. Save some energy and money.


photo by slgckgc