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The kitchen renovation is looming large. DH and I rearranged the dining room to make room for the fridge and stove. DH thinks he can just switch the stove outlet around to the dining room for the duration. Hmm... I am hoping the microwave and fridge won't blow the circuit in the dining room.

Me? I'm busy planning freezer meals to make things a lot easier. Also some crockpot meals. Next week is my last week to fill the freezer with meals for the renovation. It will be a frenzy.

Hubby and I have started packing up the kitchen for the reno. It is going to get interesting. We have a lot of stuff in there!

I have been wildly dyeing fiber this week. My order of fibers from the US hasn't come yet. I was hoping to have it here this week and dyed by Monday. But that is obviously not going to happen at this point. I will simply be happy to receive it before the renovation at this point.

I am wanting to finish the dyeing so I can move my dye supplies and equipment out of the dining room, to make room for more kitchen stuff.

I am also wildly hooking inventory for the shops right now. I heard back from both of them what they would like for Christmas inventory. Now it's time to just do it.

I canceled my ESL tutoring gig. It was volunteer and I just do not have time for it anymore. The student starts school again in a week.

I have also backed out of church events for September. I simply do not have time. The shops are wanting inventory between Oct. 1 and 15th.

We bought the linoleum for the kitchen floor. So far we are under budget on the reno. We are holding our breath that will hold once the walls come down.

Otherwise I have not been very frugal I'm afraid. I can either work or cook, but not both, it appears. :sigh: I have spent way too much money on restaurant meals. I have decided if I am going to do that, that I will just walk to our neighborhood Safeway and pick up a roasted chicken or a salad. I just have to figure a way to cut cost in the food department, and yet get good meals on the table.

Hubby has been taking the car to work every day. It means I do not have much of a social life any more. And I also do not have time to comparison shop for items. Also I do not have time to shop for personal items on sale. I find it frustrating and restrictive, but recognize we do save a lot on gas this way. I am thinking it's a false economy though. To be fair to hubby, he's thrown his back out three times this summer. So he really cannot ride his bike to work. But there is the bus... though that is very expensive here - $5/day ($2.50 each way).
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