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I need to replace the faucet for our bathroom sink. It's one of those cheap ones with one plastic knob that goes up and down for on/off and side to side for hot/cold. It leaks non-stop. I don't think a washer will fix it because it isn't just dripping, the knob itself seems to be broken as there is no position anymore where it is actually off.

Anyway, it's supposed to be an easy job, except there is no where under the sink to shut off the water. I don't know why anyone would put in a sink without a shutoff valve, but I checked the other bathroom and the kitchen as well and none of them do.

I know where to shut off the water to the house, so I guess I have to do that - but what about the hot water? It comes out of a tank, so I assume that turning off the water supply to the house will only shut off the cold water. I'd prefer not to have 100 gallons of boiling water shoot into my face when I take the faucet off.

Anyone know how I go about this, and when I do, can I install some valves under the sink at the same time so that the next person doing this doesn't have this problem.
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