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Post: Computer reinstallation method
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Computer reinstallation method
1, start the computer immediately press Delete (Del) Delete key 【into the BIOS basic input output system】 ghd straightener 【set】.
2, select the Advanced BIOS Features Advanced BIOS features 【set】, and First Boot Device (1st Boot) 【1st boot device to CDROM, according to need to set the bootable CD or Floppy 【 ghd 【HDD hard disk, floppy disk bootable. To do: Move the cursor to the First Boot Device (1st Boot), press Enter 【Enter】, then use the cursor keys to select the HDD Enter 【ENTER】, then press F10 when you see something similar to Save and exit setup? (Y / N) 【whether to save settings and exit? 】ghd straighteners ,You type Y, that is, is】 【Yes, this time the computer restarts automatically. Start there and then into the CD-ROM An Zhao steps to the OK of the Oh on the installation ghd glattejern ,then do not forget to back up the rabbit under the driver can use a super backup

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