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Post: The new law pear hair type hot-wide solution
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The new law pear hair type hot-wide solution
Pear head hot season, and now is popular in, find a trendy hairstyle, as his classic hairstyle is not easy, for a variety of pear face first on the MM Oh, how hot pear head? Provide recipe and today ghd straighteners , as you show the whole pear head perm solution, so that you know the real hot pear first method is very simple Oh!
Step1: first of some protective spray hair spray, hair and then simply divided into two areas.
Step2: for hair divided into five copies, and then clipped the tail began to look inside from the side of the paper, should not ghd glattejern curling rod can not be too high volume.
Step3: the face side of the hair and then pulled the tail in hot from the outside volume ghd piastra curly hair stick grip to avoid the process of burn.
Step4: back of the head parts of hair have volume.
Step5: According to their face hot volume ghd lisseur of different curvature of the fringe.
Step6: After spraying the fluffy Volume Hair Spray, made by hand to a little fluffy tail confused point.
Pear throughout the section was completed first, whether long hair, the hair or short hair, the hair type you want to create a pear, can be this way Oh, we might try it, the most beautiful thing is you Oh!
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