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Troll. Thread closed. Warning issued via PM:
You were warned multiple times against making up falsehoods about what Dave Ramsey teaches. If you wish to critique Mr. Ramsey in the Dave Ramsey forum, you should take efforts to make sure you are actually correct in what Dave says before you speak.

Your thread has been closed, and if you persist in your libelous trolling, you will be submitted to the administrators for further disciplinary action.
Post: Dave Ramsey is half right
Forum: Dave Ramsey
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Posted by: RickyBobby
Original Content:
Dave Ramsey is half right and half full of beans.

Dave says that the only way to have financial peace is to walk with Jesus Christ. I suppose that means that the other 90% of the world who do not walk with Jesus Christ have no money.

Dave also says that you should live on less than you make and invest the difference over many years and then you would have some real money.

All you have to do is avoid having children, income loss, or medical bills and that second part would work perfectly. Or divorce, or accidents, or the government changing the rules on you. Or your local economy going into a dip.

Dave says that you have to be a millionaire in net worth before you can buy a new car. That would pretty much send Ford, GM, and whatever Chrysler calls itself now into bankruptcy withing about six months.

Dave says that you should go down to your local credit union and call a personal meeting with the President of the joint and negotiate him into your beneficial way of thinking. You would be better off buying a lotto ticket for a dollar and the chances of you winning the lotto are greater than going down to the local credit union and....

Dave says that you have a greater chance of being hit by lightning multiple times and winning than hitting a big prize in the lotto. Funny, hundred of people hit big prizes in the lotto every week and I have never heard of anyone being hit by lightning multiple times and surviving. Maybe Dave should check his facts one more time.

Stop buying consumer stuff on credit? Good advice. Make a written budget and live on less than you make and save the rest for long term goals? Good advice.

Cut your feel-good subscriptions and memberships that nickel and dime you to death? Good advice.

Read non fiction books written by successful people? That is really excellent advice.

Turn of the teevee? Great advice.

What living person or persons do you admire? How much teevee do you think they watch each day? Be like them more and less like you and you may get somewhere in the foreseeable future.
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These Dave Ramsey trolls come fairly regularly. In the future, just delete and ban. You don't have to agree with Dave's system. Most people modify it. But it Is a Dave Ramsey forum, so it's senseless to criticize it. Just don't do it if you don't like it. LOL
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