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Post: Living life the Dave Ramsey way means...
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Posted by: RickyBobby
Original Content:
Living the Dave Ramsey way means that would are going to make yourself unhappy so that you can pile up money for your kids when you are dead.

Nothing that Dave Ramseys says or has ever said or ever will say if about the caller being happy. It is always about the IRS being happy or the landlord being happy or the credit card companies being happy or the car loan place being happy.

Never once has Dave Ramsey ever told a caller "I want you to be happy". There are always some conditions about earning more money or spending less money or kissing the hem of the robe of Jesus Christ.

Never once has Dave Ramsey said something like "I want your to be happy". It is always some bullshit about worrying about every nickel and kissing the ground where Jesus Christ walked.

Listen to his show next week and tell me where I am wrong. I dare you. I double dare you.
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