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looks like spam
I did not click on her link under LABELS
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Please look into alternative options. They are available, and do not have to cost you an arm and a leg!!

I just did a quick Google search to show an example of what is in the everyday household items you use. You can do the same thing. But, there is fiberglass in most commercial detergents. This how they "scrub the clothes so clean." Not only that, but very dangerous, harsh chemicals. Do not expose yourself to these, and definitely, do not expose your babies to these. Please!!!


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I clicked it, it goes to a site listing a bunch of products and how terrible they are, which in turn links to a site where you can learn about 'wellness', which I'm pretty certain is the 'Christian wellness' company that she is plugging.

No doubt the brand of vitamins that she can't remember in the anxiety thread will turn out to be the ones she is selling.
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