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WTF? came to a kith thread to bash the kithers for their collective views?
Post: any evangelical, conservative,Christians out there?
Forum: Find Your Kith
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Posted by: tomishco
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Seriously and I'm not being mean, if there is a 'god' that made you especially and knows everything thats going on with you at every minute, etc. and you pray to it to change its mind about whats happening to you then aren't you just begging? I would never follow a sadist like that.
The 'good' book isn't. It was written by ignorant men. We have come a long way in science, and I know it's scary to not have an imaginary friend by your side, it is JUST you. And you're not special except to the people who love you. Get over yourself.
There is no 'heaven' or 'hell', there is only the natural world. There have been many religions over the course of time and they all die out. It's very obnoxious to believe yours is the 'right' one. Jesus was probably not real, but what it says about him in the family he certainly wasn't pro-family. A good, logical creator you would think could come up with a much better way to tell people about itself rather than a sadistic, contradictory series of stories that men wrote & put together (none of whom had ever met this 'jesus'). Seriously you should all be embarrassed, but I know you need to believe this. I try & stay away from people like you. I guess I did mean to be mean. Dumb is intolerable. Go back to pretend world now and think of how I'm going to 'hell' while 'god' lets rape-victims get pregnant, but lets some financially-set couples be infertile. Have faith! ;)
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