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monkeywrangler71 has reported a post.

this sounds familiar, bizarre use of language, wasn't this posted a couple days ago?

I get no information on an IP search, what does that mean?
Post: Completely new on these forums, I just want to say hello
Forum: General Chat
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Posted by: TourTracks8
Original Content:
I am thrilled to become among the newest participants inside your community, and with any luck I'm going to find sufficient time to remain around.

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His email gives it away to me: [email protected]

IP search I got this:
General IP Information

ISP: Nobis Technology Group, LLC
Organization: Nobis Technology Group, LLC
Proxy: None detected
Type: Corporate
Assignment: Static IP

Geolocation Information

Country: United States
State/Region: Pennsylvania
City: Gladwyne
Latitude: 40.047
Longitude: -75.2811
Area Code: 610
Postal Code: 19035
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