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Post: Non-profit debt settlement company
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Posted by: debtexpert
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There are a lot of debt settlement and consolidation company's that cannot be trusted I have been the victim of such fraudulent acts by these company's. These company's are all about the money, they don't care if they settle your debts or not all they care about is if you enroll in there program, that's about it. I have been searching for a non- profitable debt settlement company because these settlement company's are for the people, they don't make profits off your enrollment so these are the one's that individuals in debt should be working with. I found a great one that lets you settle your own debts just by enrolling online. The site was called Public Debt Solutions - pay less for peace of mind[/url].. There enrollment application is on there website, just click on apply fill out all the fields and submit, within minutes you will receive a conformation e-mail stating if you qualified for the program. Not everyone qualifies for the program and they only work with people in certain states. Hope this is of some help to the people that are thinking about working with a settlement company, watch out for those scammers and good luck...
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