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Post: ING vs SmartyPig
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Posted by: SmartyPigMedia
Original Content:
Does anyone have SmartyPig? I was just reading about them and I actually love the fact you can earn cash back and get gift cards and whatnot. I was thinking about trying them out but wondered if anyone here was familiar with them.

Any thoughts?
Hi Tami,

Sarah here over at SmartyPig. We do offer up to 10% cash back on our new prepaid card AND up to 14% back at our long list of retail gift card providers (Gap, Macy's, Best Buy, Amazon, yeah!) We also offer one of the most competitive interest rates in the country right now, so even if you're just looking to save and not spend, you'll make money that way too.

Registration is easy...check it out: www (dot) smartypig (dot) com

If you have any questions, drop me a note! I'm happy to help!

Sarah Foss
[email protected]
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