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Getting out of hand??

Need other moderator input on this. Does anyone else think this is getting out of hand?
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Posted by: PaulaMM
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i agree daisygirl,,we have a whole lot of"stuff" we dont need to surive. i got made fun of all the time for never buying anything unless it was on sale or from a yard sale..but guess who is laughing now.. i am rich, i have a home to live in, food to eat,i can come and go as i please and communicate any way and with whom i like.

u see i started out life in the projects of the bronx,nyc and my parents had nothing..i mean we had food, clothing and stuff for the house but that was it.. i was taught how to make a meal out of nothing and shop to get the best value..there were no vactions ..we took day trips to the beach(jones) or parks(rye beach playland,the best) and brought food with us..

most people are crying because they cant take the fancy trip or buy the car they want..or go out to dinner..ect
This quote is about as insensitive as I've seen in some time.

There is a 9% unemployment rate in this country. People are losing their jobs, their benefits and their homes. Just today, our church helped out a family of five with NO FOOD. I talked to another lady today who confessed that sometimes they go without food and you have the audacity to claim that most people are crying because they can't take fancy trips, buy cars or go out to dinner?!?!?

I'm sorry, but this attitude absolutely INFURIATES me!

I hope that should you ever find yourself crying over a lack of food or the eminent loss of the roof over your head, you will be shown more empathy than you show those who are hurting now.

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I think it is on the verge of being that way, yes.
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