Baby-formula cans are sturdy and durable. You can reuse them as household storage containers. They work well as a gift container, to hold plastic bags, toilet paper, plastic utensils and napkins for a backyard BBQ and in your laundry room to place lone socks. Or, carry one in the car with baby essentials such as baby wipes, sunscreen, a couple of diapers, spare shirt/pants, toys, bib, sun hat, etc.
How have you reused them?
The first reader tip shares a few more suggestions.
baby formula


I used baby-formula cans to separate little bits in the garage -- one for screws, one for bolts, one for nails, etc. I also have separate cans for things that I have small number of related items for household repairs, plumbing supplies and electrical supplies. I wrote the contents on the side of the can and lined them up on a shelf, so it is easy to just run to the garage and grab whichever can is needed to deal with any household project or emergency. -- Carla, Canada


I buy a bag of prewashed baby spinach, a bag of carrots and bunch of celery weekly and make tossed salad ahead. I coarse chop spinach, peel and dice carrots, dice celery pieces and place in a large ziploc bag. You can turn the bag around to toss, but try not to shake vigorously, as it damages the spinach. Add a half a paper towel and store without squeezing the air out of the bag. That allows the veggies to move around without squishing. This will keep for a week. I grab a handful each morning, throw in a container and take for lunch. You can add cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish or thawed/shelled edamame, but not to the main salad, because the more water you add, the more disintegration occurs. -- Penny, e-mail


For those using hot water to treat stains, stop. Heat causes stains to set, making them harder, if not impossible, to get out. Use cold water and pretreat with laundry detergent, stain remover, OxiClean, or baking powder, then wash. Dish soap is great for getting out oil/grease stains. OxiClean can be expensive, but buy in bulk on sale and a little goes a long way. I have a three month old and I keep a 5-gallon bucket filled with water and half a scoop of OxiClean. Stained clothes (poo, spit up) go in the bucket to soak until laundry day. Depending on how long the water has been sitting or was absorbed, I just reuse a couple times. Gets all my stains out -- even some set ones -- and have had no problems with it wearing out clothing either. -- Raye H., e-mail


I have had very good luck with frozen pancakes. Let them completely cool, place wax paper between each and place in a freezer bag. Take them out a couple minutes before you're ready to eat. My microwave has a reheat setting for fresh rolls. For four pancakes, I punch it twice, which is for 20 seconds. We really like this. I've also tried the toaster, griddle and regular setting on the microwave, but the reheating is the best. -- Kathy, e-mail

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