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I decided to finally take another route to help my IBS. I figured I would give a natural probiotic a try. I had tried Activia in the past, but it didn't give me the results I needed.

This complete probiotic comes in capsule form. It's very, very easy to swallow (can almost be taken without any water). The recommendation is to take it three times a day, preferably with a meal. However, I take mine about twice a day with meals and it works fine for me still.

I started taking it on Monday. I saw instant results. I haven't had any issues with many of the IBS symptoms I was having and pretty much feel like I don't have IBS at all anymore. That's after three days of taking it.

I would highly recommend for people to take this. The cost was pretty hefty ($15.99 per 60 capsules) but it lasts about 20 days. Compared to the price of the yogurt (which I have had bad experiences with), it's definitely worth it.
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