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Today, my plan is to check on Samson, give him all his meds, then breakfast to everyone, then back inside to clean myself up. (Giving Samson his meds typically means we both get covered in spit-up oral meds and mud.) Once I am cleaned up, my challenge is to get the bathroom back in order and also to try to get a load of laundry done. Once the weather warms up a bit, I want to split a little more wood for the woodstove, then haul up a good week's worth to stage inside, so it will stay dry. I am working on my sweater, and I would like to get at least one more set of repeats done in the pattern. By then, I am sure it will be time to get dinner to everyone, check on Samson one last time for the night, give him his evening meds, then call it a day.

10:15A - Little bump in the road. Samson must be feeling better, because he is fighting me. Some of his meds are oral, so I've called a friend of mine to come over and help hold Samson while I dose him. Everyone else has had their breakfast, and the fog shows some signs of breaking up!!

Two rows (of eight) done on my second pattern repeat.

4:33P - Samson is medicated and the wood is split. The bathroom is clean, except for the floor. I want to bring in the firewood first, and I have to cross the bathroom floor to do it, so I don't want to clean everything up, just to track dirt all over it again.

I am on row six of my second pattern repeat.

6:55P - Samson got his evening dose of meds. The bathroom floor is clean and I have a good several days' worth of wood either in the house or on the deck. Everyone had their dinner (except me...hey, what is up with that?) and I am in for the night!

And I got my second pattern repeat in!!
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