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I need to focus on the house today. First, I need to do my morning exercise. Then I need to get the kitchen cleaned up, which I'll do after I feed everyone breakfast. I will set up the compost pile in its new and more convenient location. Maybe dig one more hole for transplanting.

Normally, I'd try to factor exercise into the day, but I am still a little weak and shaky from being sick, so I don't think that is happening today.

I have at least one load of wash to do, and more if I decide to wash all the towels under the birds' cages.

I want to finish that baby knit today and spend some time working on my Valentine's Day project. A little reading, perhaps, or I might just get lazy and sit in front of the t.v. (although I can do that while knitting and working on the project), dinner to everyone, write in my journal, call it a night.
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