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Today, I will check on Samson (my sick goat), feed the donkeys/goats, go to the local yarn store to see if I can find some circular Size 2 needles, pick up some groceries and canned food for the foster puppies, let all the dogs out for a run, clean the bunnies' pen, feed everyone dinner, get all my work clothes ironed, then settle down to work on my knitted sweater.

12:52P - So far, I checked on Samson, fed the donkeys/goat, then decided to let the dogs out for a run. Harvested some blood oranges from my tree, and now I'm getting ready to head out. :)

4:08P - Okay, have picked up the knitting needles and bought the groceries and dogfood. I also spent far too much time, upon my return home, messing around at the fish pond. I neglected to remember (think I blocked it) in my first entry that I need to get the kitchen clean. So I'm off to do that now.

6:02P - Kitchen is clean; bunnies' pen is clean; everyone is fed. I am too tired to drag out everything necessary to iron all my work clothes, so that is probably going to have to happen tomorrow. Checked on Samson for the evening, and to give him his antibiotics, and got him to eat a handful of hay, so I am going to consider this day as having ended on a positive note.
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