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Robin? Lori? You guys out there?

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I think I read a reply from Robin the other day so I think you're still out there.....? How are you doing? What's going on in your corner of bungalow heaven? And how's your sister Lori doing? I've been wondering about you guys for a while now. Please catch us up. I miss you guys. :hug2:
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I am still around, mostly lurking however. I am going through that rough time of year once again, same story, but I am surviving best I can. I am just struggling with epression I guess. School started Thursday and even though I havent gone back to work, I am feeling connfident that things will be better soon.

Lori is busy working more than full time at her job and was looking for something less demanding, but that too is a depressing place to be in I guess.

I regularly check in to make sure all of my FV sisters are okay. Thanks for missing me it is good to know that I still have friends around.
Nice to hear from you Robin. I hope things look up for you soon :hugz:
:wave: Robin! Glad to hear from you. I hope things pick up soon.

Thanks for updating on Lori too.
Aww Robin,I'm sorry you're having a rough time! Maybe once school starts,you'll feel better :hugz:

I've sent you several emails...never got a response :(

Tell Lori we all said Hello,and she COULD check in every now and then :D

Miss you both!! :hugz:
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