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Okay, I got 2 rutabaga off the salvage shelf at my local market. We had squash/rutabaga soup the first time. VERY filling, neither of us liked the peppery taste from the rutabaga.

I made curried squash soup today, added a little of the rutabaga, pretty sure I'd cover up the peppery taste with the curry powder, mixed squashes, and apple juice, but both of us noticed and didn't much like it.

So, is there a secret to cooking this root? Do you have recipes using it you like? Do you cook it with other things and cover up the taste? How?

I really want to use this stuff, it's got LOTS of fiber and is hugely filling, very economical, but I gotta find a way around that taste! :eek:


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I read somewhere that they are sweet when they've been frostbit, but bitter/hot if not!

Maybe that's why folks grow them...?

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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