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Save that bacon grease!

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~OK, so it's not super healthy, but neither is oil! A pound of crispy cooked bacon will yeil about 1/2 cup of bacon oil(doesn't that make it sound more appetizing?) which is like getting a .10 rebate on your pack of bacon. I grease my corn-muffin tins with it. And I use it if I'm cooking eggs or making stir-fry or fried rice. You can rub a chicken with it. You can coat potato skins with it and bake them crispy in the oven. I only use a little, it goes a loooooong way. Next I'm gonna try it on oven baked fries. ~
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~Hairy fat...Yum! Yeah, I was talking about southern pork rinds. Hair and all. I can't explain why I love 'em because they should make me want to hurl, lol!~
Well, the reason you find hair on them now is because they don't scrape the hide like the old timers did. When we butcher a hog here, it's clean as a whistle when we're done. It's alot of work, but it's worth it!!
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