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Scrapbook Tutorial - Making Mini Scrapbooks

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I thought it would be fun to make unique mini scrapbooks. These fold in an interesting way from a 8.5 X 11 size to just about 3 inches square, just right for tucking into a purse or bag. It will hold upwards of 16 cropped pics each, a great brag book or place to put vacation pics. I have two variations to show how to do.


Bone folder
Paper glue (Mod Podge works great for this project)
Sponge brush or paint brush
1 sheet 8.5 X 11 paper (can be printer paper or typing paper)
1 sheet 8.5X 11 (per book) cardstock
Papers for covering your books, I chose a map for one and scraps for the other.
Paper Slicer
Cutting mat
thin not corregated cardboard
Pencil and eraser
Straight edge
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Step 1

Create your template.
I chose to have my books small, using just one sheet of 8.5x 11 cardstock each book. I created a grid of four squares by 3 squares each square measuring 2.75" square. Create this grid on the plain paper. This left a 1/2" strip along the edge that i later simply cut off. Now take this grid and lay it on top of your cardstock, with the drawn grid side up, not against the cardstock. (the idea here is not to get pencil marks on your cardstock). Using your straightedge, to guide you along your drawn lines, use a bone folder to score the grid through the paper onto the cardstock.
step 2

As shown in this picture, cut the paper. The object in this step is to not cut the paper apart. but to cut between the squares the long way, stopping before you begin cutting at all into the last square. The second cut will be the same way but as shown, will leave the end square on the other side. I am sorry about the instructions in this step...please refer to the pic if i am not clear.
step 3

fold your strips, accordian style along the scored marks. Once you get to the end of a strip tuck the strip up under the beginning of the next row. I will show a few pics to illustrate this, i hope it is clear...
these strips are not cut apart, they are folded and tucked in behind the first square of the next row.
and then folded up the final row of squares... should have it looking something like this. :)
step 4

Use your bone folder to crease all the folds in this acordian folded strip. Set aside.

Step 5

Now we begin to cut out the cover. For a book like cover cut a rectangle from the cardboard. My dimensions were 3" by 6.5". Measure two 3x3" squares with a 1/2 " strip in the center, as shown in the pic. Score the sides of the 1/2 inch strip (this will be the "spine" of your mini scrapbook.)
Alternate Step 5

If instead you want to do a two part cover you can cut two 3"X3" squares from the cardboard.
Step 6

Now we will cover the cardboard. Cut your paper an inch wider and longer than your cardboard.
Step 7

Apply a thin layer of glue to the unscored side of the cardboard. Lay this glued side down, onto the back of the paper you have chosen to cover your book this example i am covering with the map. Use your bone folder to smooth out the paper and glue so there are no lumps. Now clip your corners as seen in the pic. Apply glue to the edges of the paper and fold down onto the cardboard. Use your bone folder to smooth as before.

Follow the same method if you choose to do the two part cover.

Now is a good time to take a break from all this. Place your paper covered cardstock under a book or other weighted object to dry flat. Dry at least two hours.
Step 8

Lining the inside of the book:

(this step can be omitted if you are doing the two part cover)

Measure and cut a piece of carstock or coordinating scrap scrappin paper. I cut my piece 1/2 inch smaller long way and short way than the cover so that it covers over the edges of the paper you covered the cardboard with. (in my example i cut mine smaller than i am telling you to, so you could see where I am putting this lining piece of paper-- hopefully to make my discription more clear :D )
Step 9

Attatching your accordian folded "pages".

Please bear with me in this direction too...i may not be so clear, good thing i have a pic to help me out!

Unfold your accordian folded paper. Lay it flat as possible with the long edge in front of you are looking at 3 rows of four...(instead of four rows of three--does that make sense??)
and with the left bottom side being a cut edge...(see pic for better idea of what my sleep deprived mind is trying to say, lol)

Take the bottom leftmost square and apply a thin layer of glue to the back of it. Lay this square onto your lined side of the cover. Smooth with your bone folder. Make sure to center this square as carefully as possible in the book. (in my illustration before it would be on the side that did not get the lining.) Do not cross he edge of the "spine". It should only be on the right most side, centered there.
Alternate Step 9

If you are doing the two part cover you will do it much the same as the single part cover. Apply the glue as in the previous step 9. apply to the cardboard side of the cover smooth with your bone folder. Rotate the page and repeat with the second part of the cover. Smooth with your bone folder. Making sure you use thin layers of glue is the key in both Step 9's.

Here is the best i could get for a close up of the result of this step:
To make this clear, I flipped the project over and took a pic to show location of the covers of the alternate covers
Step 10

Fold up your mini scrapbook :D Using the folding method shown earlier in the tutorial, fold up your page accordian style once more. Fold your book at the spines over the pages (if doing the book type method)...Viola! done!

Now you can use all kinds of embellishments to personalise can decoupage cropped postcards or birthday cards etc. add ribbon as ties for closing, add beads, stickers, die cuts, glitter, and the ideas go on and on.

These books can serve all sorts of purposes. You can make mini albums for special occassions, trips, themes (how about making one for your child to put in cropped pics of their friends? they can put in pics on some squares and write about their friends on other squares.), there are all sorts of ideas that you could do.

A big part of the fun of these books are the unusual way in which the book folds up. you may want to show the recipient how to fold it once opened up. :D

Here are my finished books:
I nearly forgot to mention, when putting pics in this book, using glue may cause the pages to bet would be to use double stick tape(acid and lignen free!!), or photo mounting will also keep down bulk as you add to the pages.
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