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scrapbooking question

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I am not a scrapper, but I just saw a lumpy scrapbook page and then saw hgtv and saw stickers by paper bliss that were really nice.
My question is this...
Are the embellishments I see in Michaels cardmaking aisle basically the same as these? They sure look a like.

I also saw some nice stickers by Jolee's boutique. All of these stickers were really ornate and not just flat stickers. I thought they were neat.

I also saw a neat project site. I like to look at completed projects.
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One in the same. I use a lot of cardmaking embellishments as often as scrapbook embellishments. I like Jolees Boutique stuff too, really makes pages pop. I started out having spent maybe 10.00 to start scrapping, and have 75% of those same supplies still. I had gotten a pair of scissors, a ruler, xacto, adhesive, and paper. I still have everything except the paper and the adhesive still. Of course i have replenished (and then some! LOL) since. Really you can scrap for very little cost. Or you can go all out and really shop too, depends on the scrapper.
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