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I just posted in the beginner gardening thread, but I thought I would start a new thread anyway! If there is anyone interested in a seed swap, let me know and I can try to get an ongoing one going.

The way I would be interested in running it is that there is a monthly theme (ie: I saw on David's Garden one for a Fantasy Swap in September in honor of Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays). Each person who wants to be involved in the swap will contribute some seeds and receive more seeds in return. Each person involved will send seeds to one person who is 'in charge' for the month. Once the person in charge receives all of the seeds, they will divide all of the seeds among the participants and mail the mixed package back.

In addition to the seeds sent, each participant has to send a self addressed, stamped envelope to get their seeds back.

In order to help those who are new to gardening or have not grown every plant in the book, the person who sends the seed must give the name of the plant, how to grow it, and any other information that may be helpful for a new gardener. This will help in garden planning for everyone. Also, invasive plants are not welcome. We want to keep this fun for everyone, and invasive plants get irritating!

I am open to ideas! If anyone is interested, let me know! We may have to make some changes because of zones, but it is worth a try! Hope to hear from you soon!
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