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In a nutshell, a highly toxic, abusive -in-various-ways family member may be headed my way soon. I have been estranged from them by my choice for over 10 years, and my younger kids, ages 6 and 8, have never met them.

My older brother, who has been estranged from this person a few years longer than I, called yesterday to report that they showed up uninvited and unannounced at his house. He lives about 5 hours from them in a rural area, so they made quite the trip. By his reports (which I absolutely believe), this person's behavior is as abnormal and sick as always. He had to grab his phone and tell them he was going to call the police to remove them if they did not leave as told to. The police did not need to be called, but the idea had to be put out there to get them to go.

I live only an hour from this person, and it stands to reason that there's a good chance they may show up here in the next few weeks. They may not, but it's kind of 'high alert' for me now, which is why my brother alerted me immediately (he knows my family is likely next too).

I live set back off the road in a rural area, and my kids are frequently out in the yard without me. I had to have the very uncomfortable conversation of 'This is what this person looks like, this is what their car looks like. If you see them, come in the house immediately and close and lock the door behind you.. They will seem very nice, and probably know your names, but you are not to speak to them."

This person will not physically hurt my kids, but I want them no where near them. If they do show up here, I will not open my door to them and will most likely visit the PD for a no trespassing order, which would make any future visits an arrestable offense.

I can handle it, if they even show up...I just did not need the stress of worrying about it. It will be a good 3 or 4 weeks or so before I am NOT on edge waiting for them to pop in. Over a decade- and they're as sick as ever. I do not welcome that at my house, around my kids, or in my life.
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