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Goodmorning friends!
Dh and I just finished cutting & stacking our wood for next years fires. Woohoo!!! It's a lot of work but it's good honestwork that pays off in so many ways.:)

Ds is off fighting in paintball wars & dd is off with her bf at the mall & are going to catch a movie. I think dh and I will keep doing the yardwork. Every year it seems there is more and more to do. It's a nice sunny day about 70º so being outside is the thing to do.
Gotta go play~ have fun with your day! :) hey that rhymes.:toothy:

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I am sitting here on the computer relaxing a bit while dd naps and dh mows the lawn. I am so glad he is doing it. I didn't want to nag, so I didn't mention it, but when he said he thought he better go out and do it, I laughed and told him "Good idea! I almost lost dd in the grass on our way in from the post office!" I already taught 2 piano lessons, went to the bank and to the post office. When dd gets up, we are meeting my bil, sil, and their dd at the carnival that's in town. Should be fun!

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Quiet day here. Just doing my cleaning routine. It's overcast and will probably rain again soon here. Still have more organizing to do. Might go for a drive or check out the garden nursery. I've been itching to go, but trying to hold off until we have the yard in better order.
Pretty uneventful day here.

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Full day here
Baking bread (taking pictures too)
Watching movies for classes and writing papers
Painting the rest of the papaya wall, (Taking pics of that too)
Gotta go to the store to get more free and almost free stuff for stockpile (the kids will be eating cereal a couple times a day hehe)
That should be enough for today

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I need to clean the kitchen. It's all been piling up since I got sick :(

I think I'll go for a walk if it's warm enough.
Return something to target.
Put away coupons..

That's about all I have to do, besides shower, do my makeup and all that.

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Hello ladies! It's a beautiful day here and we have the windows open letting in the fresh air.:)
So far today I have accomplished very little. LOL!
DH paid the bills
I cut DH's hair (it was a bush! almost stopped the clippers twice);)
Fed the baby bird
Made a card for a B-day party the boys are going to
Had breakfast
Made some phone calls
Dug out my shorts

Still on the agenda for today:
Pick up friend of the boys and take to B-day party
Deliver payments for bills
Go shopping (I'm dreading this, graduation weekend for one of the colleges and the stores are zoos here)
Go dumpster diving for coupons at recycling center
Take a walk with DH
Get a picnic lunch packed for after church tomorrow

Hope everyone's day is blessed!!!

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Good afternoon everyone! Not much happening here,DH is out mowing the lawn,after 2 weeks of rain it is awful!!!! All I am doing today is laundry,and pay a couple of bills-then off to the store to pick up some kitty food for the pretty little cat that apperently has adopted us. We aren't supposed to have pets here,but poor kitty can't read:D I guess if she stays outside it will be ok.
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