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Good Morning Everyone!:coffee3:

I have a semi-surprise day to myself which is wonderful! I was suppose to go on a field trip with DS#1s school today but they didn't get the records checks back in time on any of the parents so since I had already put in for the day off I'm going to enjoy it and try to be somewhat productive as well.

I've already taken one to the bus stop, fed them all breakfast, washed some dishes, folded 2 loads of laundry and have another going, checked my work e-mail, made lunches, pulled out my fall/winter clothes tote, dressed for my run/leg weights work-out which I am now dragging out on getting started while I consume too much coffee.:whistle: I always feel better about it after I get about 10 minutes into it but getting going always blows.

Not sure what I plan on doing with the rest of the day though I know I have chicken defrosted for dinner and some bills to put in the mail.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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It's after 4pm here so it's:
So far so done:
Kids to & home from school
Menu for the week & shopping list
5 loads of laundry, hang to dry
Checked ESB usage
Topped up petrol in car (should last until eom)
Baked 2 soda breads (DH did rolls)
Washed floors
Checked emails etc.
Started fire in Kitchen andset the sitting room one
Cleaned Bathroom
Watered plants
Sorted some seed for next year's garden
Fed & watered animals

Still to do:
wash up & tidy kitchen after
Homework with dd's(6)
Tidy sitting
I'm sure there is more but that it for now.
Hope everyone has a lovely day.

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Went for a walk this morning. Later on will finish hemming pants and make a cat bed out of an old sweater I was going to throw out. Going to go to the mall and plan on stopping into Lord & Taylor to look around. Doubt I will buy anything there but it is nice to get an idea on clothing for when I go to the thrift store.

Have a nice warm cashmere sweater on. It is cold this morning.

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today I washed and half dried 2 quilts and they are drying on the treadmill..
cleaned the sofa off and put new blankets on them...swept and mopped the up stairs with vinegar and shark mop..
made the beds
chopped peppers up for fajita bags
pulled chicken off the bone and Paige is finishing cooking dinner..(chicken alfrado)
have 3rd load in the wash (bad white gonna half dry them and hang on drying racks...

it is cold and rainy..I have a maigrian headache and my knee is done here for today....
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