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Bleach (on sale) $2.39
Oregano (dried) $2.29
Butter (2 lbs on sale) $4.98
Half and Half (2 qts on sale) $2.98
Plain yogurt (6 cartons on sale) $3.25
Salad (organic herb mix) $3.99
Yams (2.7 lbs at 1.49/lb) $4.02
Organic alfalfa/broccoli sprout mix $2.49
Organic bunch carrots $1.39
Organic spinach $1.49
Salad (organic baby greens) $3.99
Sweet potatoes (2.53 lbs at 1.79/lb) $4.53
Magazines (3) $17.97
Diced almonds (bulk, .88 lbs at 7.99/lb) $7.03
Potato chips (2 bags) $4.00
Walnuts (bulk, 2.54 lbs at 3.99/lb) $10.13
Organic oatmeal (bulk, 1.43 lbs at .79/lb) $1.13
Dried organic papaya spears (bulk, .53 lbs at $4.59/lb) $2.43
Rice milk (gallon) $3.79
Silk Soymilk (on sale) $5.98
Raw sunflower seeds (bulk, .94 lbs at $1.99/lb) $1.87

The soymilk was on sale, and I was down to my last carton, so I grabbed a couple. I will use it with some of the multiple bags of bananas I have in the freezer. The yogurt is also for the smoothies. I've been dumping a yogurt in for a little different texture.

The rice milk is because I use it in my oatmeal, and with the cooler weather coming on, I feel more like oatmeal for breakfast. Ditto for the organic oatmeal, although I will share it with the bunnies.

The sunflower seeds, walnuts, and almonds are for the parrots. The sunflower seeds are also for the bunnies, as are the papaya spears, carrots, and salads. Some of the walnuts will also be used for Christmas cookies. The walnuts were on sale for about $4.00/lb less than usual!!

The alfalfa/broccoli sprouts are for the finches.

The magazines are knitting mags that I'm considering subscribing to, but haven't made up my mid yet. The chips were my little vice. But hey, they were on sale, so that's okay, right? :D

The spinach is for me, so that also counteracts the chips!! Also for me were the yams and sweet potatoes, all of which I hope to dehydrate.

The butter is because I noticed I was down to about two pounds, and I like having it in stock. The dried oregano is also to restock a flagging stockpile.

One Half and Half is for my coffee. The other is to experiment. I froze it, and I will see how it defrosts for coffee. I have heard mixed responses about how it freezes, but I also heard that Silk Soymilk doesn't freeze well, and I found that it freezes beautifully, so I thought I'd run my own test with the Half and Half.

The bleach is for laundry. :)
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