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Kashi Go-Lean Crunch cereal (2) $8.98
2.5 gallon bottled waters (2) $5.20
Yogurt (various - 34 total) $15.38
Sliced bacon (2 packs) $7.98
Half and Half (1/2 gallon) $3.99
Pistachios $4.99
Salad $4.99

Total coupon savings: $10.38

Okay, the cereal and yogurt are all for breakfast. I live on yogurt parfaits.

The Half and Half is for my coffee and the lack thereof is what drove me out of the house today.

Bottled water is for drinking.

Sliced bacon is multi-purpose. First, I want to make a beef stew that I tried a few weeks back, and bacon is one of the ingredients. Second, I like to have some around for when I have to slip the dogs a pill without them knowing it. Third, it was on SUPER sale (which is why I bought two) for about half of what it typically costs.

Pistachios are for Kenya. I have been promising him tamari almonds for weeks now, but I didn't feel like driving all the way to Raley's, so I am hoping this is enough of a bribe that he'll forgive me. (He doesn't get them often, but he has figured out the name, and sits there at night, pleading, "Want an almond?" at me.)

Salad is for the bunnies.
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