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Okay, I am a few days behind on posting this, because I was looking for a second receipt (stopped at two stores) and I have been unsuccessful at finding it. :( So I am going to have to just list what I bought at the second store, without prices. The total at the second store was $30.76.

First, Safeway:

10 lb bag of white sugar $7.79
4 gallons water ($1/ea) $4.40
Spray starch $2.69
Half and Half (1 pint and 1 qt) $3.48
Cottage cheese $3.99
2 light bulbs (2.99/ea) $5.98
Shoe polish $6.29
2 packs of chicken breast (bulk pack of 5 ea for .97/lb) $9.70
Sweet potatoes ($1.69/lb) $5.22
Salad mix $4.99
Crispy onion topping $2.99

Coupon savings: $18.96

Sugar is for the hummingbirds. This time of year, they go through about a gallon of nectar a day.

Water is for me and for the birds/bunnies. Salad is for the bunnies.

Chicken is for the dogs. Cottage cheese is also for the dogs, to mix into their kibble.

Spray starch is self-explanatory. Shoe polish is clear and is going to the office with me for use on dress shoes. Smaller Half and Half also went to the office to replace the expired Half and Half in my office fridge.

Light bulbs are to replace bulbs in bedroom lights. I am experimenting, because standard light bulbs are apparently too big for me to replace the covers, and I don't have the original bulbs, so I am trying to find smaller/shorter bulbs. Hope these work!

Crispy onion topping is for salad for myself (but may end up being eaten as a snack).

Sweet potatoes are for me. Quick meal when I don't have time to make anything.

My second store was Wal-mart, which I HATE, but everything else was closed at 9:55pm, so I was stuck. Purchased there:

2 eye-liners
1 mascara
1 lip gloss

(All Hard Candy brand, which I love and recommend.)

Litter for the bunnies (Safeway had only the clay litter)
WD-40 (Safeway doesn't carry it)

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did the light bulbs work out for you?
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