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Spicy Crab Apple Jelly:
Use crab Apples alone and add a few cloves and a couple of cinnamon sticks when the fruit is being cooked.
Note: For usable amounts do a few kg of Crab Apples, great with hot buttered toast.

Rosehip and Apple Jelly:
500g of hips, blitz in a food processor & 1.5kg of crab or cooking apples. Use with pork (love it on cold pork sandwiches).

I will also make a spiced apple jelly/jam using cookers and add mixed spice, kids love it in for toast & I would also make some as my give away. It seems to be a hit with everyone.


Compost Heap Jelly:

The skins that I have leftover from other jams/marmalades I freeze to use in this one. They are full of pectin & I would always make a few as an emergency jam when all others are demolished.

Makes 3 x 225g Jars
500g apple cores and peel
500g citrus fruit peel (unwaxed lemon, orange, lime) cut into 1cm shreds
Granulated Sugar
Juice of 1 orange, lemon(optional)

Put the cores and peel into a saucepan. Add enough water to cover (should be around 1.5 litres). Bring to the boil and cook slowly for around 50min. Tip into your jelly bag and leave overnight to drip.

Measure and add 450g of sugar for every 600ml of juice. Return juice to the pan and add the fruit juice, if using. Bring to the boil and add the sugar. Stir until dissolved and bring to a roiling boil, then leave to boil without stirring for around 10min until setting point is reached.

Remove from heat and stir in the one direction until surface bubbles have disappeared. Pour into warm sterilized jars and seal. (I use lids).

Setting points, while I have a Jam thermometer, I still tend to use a saucer, ie put a teaspoon amount onto a clean saucer and leave for a minute to cool, when you push from the outside of the blob into the centre, it should have set and will wrinkle. When this happens you have your set point.

Hope this gets you going with some Jellies :D

Pam Corbin got me going with preserves and she is where I learnt most of the above from, see "River Cottage Preserves"

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too lazy but my DD's Gf uses pop like mt dew and coke. She has a lot of people after her jelly at fairs. is a site that does apple peels for jelly plus many other frugal things.
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