There is no better way to show someone you care than with a handmade gift. Unfortunately, some of the most gift-worthy craft ideas require a certain degree of skill - and a sewing machine. If you're looking for some simple no-sew handmade gifts for this holiday season, look no further!

1. Friendly Fleece Octopus

Do you have a new parent on your gift list? This friendly fleece octopus is the perfect no-sew craft. Start with a 16-by-16-inch piece of fleece, a 3-inch Styrofoam ball, a length of ribbon, and some embroidery floss. Lay the fleece out flat and place the ball in the middle then gather up the fleece around it, making note of how much extra fleece there is. Next, cut out a 5-inch square from each corner and cut the rest of the fleece on all four sides into six strips. Gather the fleece around the ball again and tie it with ribbon then braid the fringes together into eight legs, each tied with a bow of ribbon. Sew on some eyes and a happy smile, and you're done!

2. Colorful T-Shirt Headbands

These colorful head accessories are easy to make and all you need is a t-shirt! Start by cutting two strips 1 ½-inches wide through both layers across the width of the t-shirt. Grab each strip by the ends and stretch until the fabric rolls in on itself. Take one strip and create a loop by crossing the right side over the left, keeping the loop at the top. Lay the second strip in a U shape over the ends of the loop with the ends facing up. Place the right end of the loop over the U and wrap the left side of the U behind the loop. Next, place the right side of the U piece over the loop at the bottom, passing it under the left side of the U piece and then over the top of the loop. Finally, gently pull on the ends to tighten the knot and then trim the ends to size and hot glue them together to complete the headband.

3. Phone Case with Leather Scraps

If you're a regular crafter, you probably have some mismatched pieces of leather lying around. Why not turn them into a phone case to give as a gift? Start by laying the largest piece of leather out flat and place the phone you want to use on top of it. Cut the leather about one inch wider than the phone and twice as long. Fold the leather over and hot glue the sides together to form a pocket then hot glue the bottom together, leaving the top as a flap to cover the phone. Finish it with a ribbon wrapped around the case to keep the flap closed and then decorate the case as you see fit.

4. Knotted Pillow Cover

We all have extra pillows lying around that we don't use - why not turn one into a trendy gift? Take a large piece of cotton fabric and set your pillow in the middle of it. Fold the bottom and top of the fabric in toward the middle, covering the pillow. Next, fold the ends into points, as if you were wrapping a present. Then, simply knot the pointed ends together in the middle and you have a brand new covered pillow ready for gifting!

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