When the winter weather has you stuck inside, you may find yourself looking for a creative project to pass the time. Even better, you might be thinking about a craft project that will keep you warm. Though many winter crafts like scarves and blankets require sewing skills and a sewing machine, we've created a collection of simple new-sew projects to keep you warm this winter:

1. Fleece Tie Blanket

To make a simple no-sew fleece blanket all you need is two large pieces of fleece and a few tools. Start by trimming away any uneven edges then cut the two pieces to the same size. Next, cut a 6-by-6-inch square out of each corner (cutting through both layers of fleece) and start cutting strips along the four sides - each should be 6 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide. Finish the blanket by tying the top and bottom pieces of fleece together on each strip.

2. Simple Fleece Shawl

If you're looking for something to keep you warm around the house, a no-sew fleece shawl could be the project for you. All you need is a yard of fleece and a pair of scissors. Choose a color or pattern you like and cut a yard of it - if you want your shawl longer, you can add more fabric. Lay the fabric out flat and trim the uneven edges before folding it in half widthwise. Fold the fabric in half again, lengthwise this time, then cut through one layer of fabric along the folded edge to create a Y shape. Unfold the fleece and try on your shawl - trim it if it's too long.

3. Fashion Cape

If you're looking for a no-sew project that is a bit trendier, try this fashion cape! Start with about 3 yards of fabric, choosing a blanket fabric like jersey or thick cotton. Lay the fabric out flat and cut a 2-inch strip along one edge - this will become the belt for your fashion cape. Next, take the piece of fabric and fold it in half then cut halfway up the fold along the line. Unfold the fabric with the cut at the bottom and cut two belt holes where your waist would be when you wear the cape. Finish by threading the belt through the loops then drape the cape around your shoulders and tie the belt!

4. No-Sew Dog Jacket

While you're making yourself something to keep warm, why not make something for your dog too? All you need is an old sweater or a pair of sweatpants to start. Measure the length of your dog's body and then transfer that measurement to the arm of a sweater or the bottom of a pair of sweatpants. Using the tapered end as the neck of your dog jacket, cut the fabric at an angle to taper it from the middle of your dog's stomach up to the base of his tail. Then cut two leg holes and you're done!

If one of the projects on this list doesn't seem quite right, break out your creativity! Put the elements of a few different crafts together or see if you can come up with something entirely unique.

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