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Goodmorning everyone :grouphug:

First of all, I want to start by saying I was very touched by all your kindness. Again, I want to thank-you with all my heart.:heartsm:

Well, today is a new day....

This morning I am going to take a walk with my cousin...
I'm also going to WW for my weigh in, at 10h00.
I will be preparing for our vacation-make sure we have everything ready for sunday...I still have so much laundry to do...(my goodness! Does it ever end!)

I'm wishing you all a beautiful day at FV :sun: and for those going to garage sales-Good luck in your search for bargains!

:dust: hugs to you all :dust:

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Funtastic Simple Saturday.....

Funtastic Simple Saturday.....
Make Beds.
Clean Bathrooms.
Feed the Animals..
Clean the Litter Box.
Work on the Grocery Budget( Make a Grocery List)...
Give DD her shower..
Go and buy Frugal Gifts for the Pastor's Daughters for there Birthday.
Go to the Pool Party.
Clean Kitchen.
Clean the Bedrooms.
Clean the Laundry Room.
Fix Dinner.
Have a Great Frugal Weekend
:smball: :paw: :paw: :paw: :paw:

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Well I have already started the day with cleaning in mind, no matter whether I stay here or not in the end, I still have to clean it now... :lol:

I have taken living room curtains down for a much needed washing...
Stripped beds to wash linens
Started sorting the coupons I received in mail
May plan an afternoon trip to FRED'S to get FREE STUFF
Have to go with ds to house my cousin is building (we have a part time job cleaning the houses he has started building to resell and today we start scraping the mortar off windows)
Clean bathroom YUCK!!!!

Happy Saturday to everyone.....

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Good Morning! Did this site change overnight?!?!? :)

Last night my sister and I went to the local church event that has a huge "garage sale" each year--we both got some great bargains. I got about 30 Martha Stewart Living magazines for only $2. After I read them, I'll sell them online! :)

After that we went to see the movie Legally Blonde 2 (not frugal). I cannot believe how expensive movies are $9.50 for a ticket! I won't be going to the movies again anytime soon.

Today DH is out surfing and I plan to just relax and maybe go check out the children's consignment stores that are having sales today.

I better go take out something to defrost for dinner, too.

Have a great day!

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feeling lazy

I'm feeling lazy and I woke up with a really stiff neck.... so I am not aiming to get a whole lot done today!

Saturday Stuff:
- write & send two snail mail letters
- go to WalGreen's for sale items
- cook & deliver a dinner to my parents' house- they'll be home from vacation tommorow, and we always leave each other a meal
- go to Kroger's for baby formula and eggs
- two loads of laundry to wash, fold, and put away
- dishes to wash & put away

If I get all of that done, I'll be happy! :)

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I'm having one of those days where everything just goes wrong.

First I was taking ayla to change her, and I broke off a cabinet door with my foot :bang: It cut two of my toes leaving me feeling very shaken and drained...
I keep tripping on things and nearly burning myself...

I had to run out quick to get toilet paper, and I have done dishes, cleaned the counters, made french toast and an omellette for ayla and carl, had my shower and put on a cute outfit and necklace :) That's about the only thing good with my day is I like my outfit and my PMS acne is finally going away! :)

Still left to do:
Finish dishes
Put away laundry
Make the bed
Buy vacuum belt/hangers
Do my 1hour Cardio Sculpt workout
Buy diapers and cokes after getting money from the bank
Buy bar b que food for tomorrow
Maybe buy some flowers or ferns for the front
Maybe go on a walk with Ayla

Ok, taking a nap sounds like a good idea too! :)
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