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It's a nice sunny day, but windy. Should be fairly quiet. The kids will come for dinner. I'm making meatloaf. Someone posted somewhere on this site about meatloaf and I've been craving it. I have a bowl of cut vegetables we were eating with dip, but I think we're done, so I'll steam those. I'll make regular frozen broccoli for dgd. She loooves broccoli. There's one fast food burger place that serves broccoli as a side choice for kids meals.

Dh went to work this morning. Not sure if he'll make it back in time for church. He had to go fix some wind screens before the rain comes.

Hopefully it will be a peaceful day. It gets a bit crazy when the kids come over. Dgd fights with her mom and it's just chaos. Dgd is fine by herself.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be easy. Not too many appointments this week. Just take Mr. Stinky in to have his stitches removed.
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