Owning a home is a lot of work, especially if you let little things pile up over time. The best way to keep your home in good condition is to keep up with routine maintenance tasks and quick projects. Here are some simple weekend projects you can try as a DIY homeowner:
  • Install beaded board. There are plenty of simple ways to improve your home's appearance without doing any actual renovation. Installing beaded board, for example, can transform the look of any room without costing a fortune or taking more than a weekend to complete.
  • Make your home's entrance more inviting. You want your guests to feel welcome when they arrive, so take the time to add some personal touches to your entry. Place a bench outside with a nice planter or add some storage for coats and shoes.
  • Upgrade your light fixtures. Replacing light fixtures in your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms doesn't take much time or expertise but it can transform the look of your home. Don't be afraid to get creative with different styles, either!
  • Change out your hardware. The hardware on your cabinets can add to or detract from the aesthetics in your kitchen or bathroom, so consider swapping it out for something a little more modern or, if you like antiques, something more classic.
  • Give your landscaping a facelift. Something as simple as pulling weeds and putting down a fresh layer of much can take your landscaping from drab to fab. Take the time to plant some annuals as well to give your yard a pop of color!
  • Patch and repaint. Over time, the walls in your home get their fair share of holes and marks. If you want to give your home a simple upgrade over the weekend, patch and repaint one room in your house! If you want to do more than one, spread it out over a month and tackle a new room each week.
  • Spice up your stairway. Most people don't pay a lot of attention to their stairs, but there are some simple upgrades you can do to really transform them. Painted or patterned treads are one idea, or you can add some decorative molding to the outside of your staircase for detail.
  • Replace your showerhead. Though it certainly won't take you the whole weekend, replacing the showerheads in your bathrooms can be a big change. Switch to a head that is more efficient or that improves your water pressure.
  • Swap out your bathroom sink. Removing and replacing a bathroom sink is easier than you might imagine, especially if you buy a prefabricated vanity. Just make sure you measure correctly so you don't have to make adjustments!
You don't have to be an expert to do these projects and there are plenty more to try! Invest in a simple set of quality tools and take the time to learn the basics about measuring, cutting wood, and using your tools so you get the best results from these and other weekend projects.

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