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Well, in trying to meet my Challenge goal, I stayed up WAY too late last night and am paying the price this morning as dd went to bed at 7:50 and was up bright and early at 6:30. Dh is exercising downstairs, so I am trying to slowly wake up. Tonight, my mother is babysitting as we are going to a movie with some free movie tickets we have, so I've got to get everything done before we go.

dd's laundry
adult laundry
get dh to organize the leftover tax material into folders and file it
sweep hard wood surfaces
scrub both bathrooms
teach 2 piano lessons
to bank

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Well I am of to do some groceries.
Then dh is taking the boys to the movies and lunch so mom has some alone at home time!!!! I am so excited! We got 2 movie tickets so he only has to pay $4.50 for all 3 of them to go!
I plan to stencil the rest of the kitchen, hopfully with out kitty help this time!
Do laundry and if I get some garden plants I will put them out!
Hope everyone has a great day!

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Spring Cleaning today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What else can I say.................
Gloomy and wet today.........

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Good morning. Suppose to be cloudy today with chance of thunderstorms.

We are suppose to go watch the 1983 alumni high school baseball team play the current high school team. It should be really interesting and fun to watch.

Need to do some laundry and do the floors.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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Had to work again this a.m. I'm tired of working! lol Went to Eckerds again on the way home and plan to go back later.

My house is a wreck since DH and the girls were here alone all morning. :( DH wants to clean the basement today, too.

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Well Ladies it is 12:30pm and I have gotten quite a bit done and have lots more to do. This is my last weekend at home for a while as my new second job starts next Friday night.

So far:
made the bed
thoroughly cleaned my room
un plugged my vaccuum (yukkkkk)

washed two loads of laundry
dropped ds off to be in his girlfriends sister's wedding
clipped a few coupons
cashed in on a few more deals (Illl post later)

To DO:
Vaccuum and dust living and diningrooms
finish laundry
clean bathroom
make as many potporri pies as possible for dh's ice breaker gift for his job, shooting for 74, between now and tomorrow.
cook something yummy for today
cook something yummy for the kids next week.

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So far today I have edged and mowed the lawn, steam cleaned carpet in three rooms, swept, mopped, scrubbed the bathroom, finished 5 loads of clothes and started cleaning out the boy's room. I am going to take a break until the kids are all bathed. Tonight is HM pizza night then we are over to the ex-in-laws so the kids can see their cousins.

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Woke up to a nice sunny day! I planned on going to the park, doing some garage sailing and dh wanted to as well....

UNTIL he got called to a job :) Bad that we can't go out right away, but great that he'll get more $$!! He's been gone a while, so I hope he's not having problems fixing it.

So far I have:
Done some Dishes
Did yoga for 45 minutes
Changed/dressed/did ayla's hair
Shower for myself/eyemakeup/fixed up hair/bleached teeth
Made brunch for ayla and I (eggs/turkey bacon/salad/greenbeans/o.j. and milk)
Washed out an icky vase
Colored with her..
Read the posts to her while she's in my lap :D

Still need to:
Brush her teeth/mine too!
get her shoes and socks on
pluck my eyebrows/put on lipstick
Paint my nails
CLEAN THE HOUSE :eek: it's just so messy
Finish dishes/make bed/change aylas sheets
Crunch cans/water flowers

Plans for today---
Maybe do the grocery shopping since we won't be doing garage sales now.
Maybe go to thrift stores. (I want some overalls for ayla)
Pull out my craft supplies to see what I'll need for some projects I want to start.
Maybe go on a walk with carl and ayla

well carl just came back! Maybe we'll be able to catch the end of a couple garage sales after all :D
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