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Smashed Courgette (zucchini) Paste

Recipe Description
Another Jamie Oliver snacky recipe, good with toast/pitta or pasta.​
Preparation Steps:
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
40 minutes​
extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic peeled and chopped finely
1-2 small dried red chillies, crumbled
6-8 small, firm courgettes, sliced unevenly
salt and pepper
handful chopped mint
juice of a lemon​
Put some oil into a hot an and fry the garlic and chillies for a couple of minutes. Add the courgettes, stir and coat with the oil.

Reduce the heat slightly and cover. Give the pan a shake, then stir every 5 minutes for 35 minutes. When the courgettes are soft (some will be pulpy some chunky) remove from the heat and taste - add more chilli if you like.

Season and add 4 lugs of olive oil to flavour and loosen. Add the chopped mint and lemon juice and serve however you like.​
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